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A holistic visionary approach in the understanding of the city

 The concept is based on the newly defined positioning:

“Chernihiv — a resilient city. Resilient spirit. Resilient development”.

Project goals

Combining the city's strengths — historical wealth, ecology, and stoic spirit — the project aims to preserve the historical, cultural and natural heritage and unlock the potential for Chernihiv development as a historical and ecological center of Ukraine.

  • Re-think the attitude towards the city, not just re-structure or re-build.

  • Create vectors of development for Chernihiv to develop as a modern city built around people, comfortable for life.

  • Involve the community as the biggest driver of change and renewal of the city’s DNA and of the country overall.

For whom

For residents of Chernihiv who want to live in a convenient and comfortable city, built around people.

For residents of other cities of Ukraine who are still planning to get to know Chernihiv and have a touristic experience there.


For everyone who cares about 1300-year old Chernihiv and holistic development of every city.

Why now

Since February 24, 2022, Chernihiv was under blockade for over a month. The city suffered.
Recovery and redevelopment planning is rather long-term process. World examples after WWII — planning even during the war.

The values we are fighting for should be reflected in the restored cities.

Prepared concept will allow funding for redevelopment to be raised as soon as the opportunity arises.

Who we are

  • Architectural Studio Yakusha – initiator

  • Chernihiv City Council

  • Professionals in different areas from all-over Ukraine and abroad

  • NGOs, civil sector

  • Local citizens

  • International donors support

  • International co-partners

  • Ministry of communities, territories and infrastructure development of Ukraine


Chernihiv residents deserve to live in a city that has a future and is developing. It can become such if it receives financial and professional support. We are using every opportunity, both in Ukraine and at the international level, to find those who are ready to help Chernihiv


About city DNA and resilient city branding

A city begins with an idea that distinguishes it from others. It's not about stereotypes, but highlights that are read by people and attract them. It is the spirit of the city that should determine the vectors of its development. We know many cities with a strong brand that is understood all over the world. Our first task was to distinguish a development plan that will be most suitable for Chernihiv and emphasize its uniqueness.

As part of the work on the Chernihiv City Redevelopment Concept, a survey was conducted of those who permanently or partially live in Chernihiv. People note the historical and ecological potential of the city and see its potential in these areas.

There is data, 1/3 of Eastern European cultural heritage is located in the Chernihiv region. It is a city of stoic, sustainable spirit that has stood strong through centuries. The main idea is to combine the city's resilient past and resilient future and to establish the very concept of "resilience" in Chernihiv.

Environmentalism and eco-development is the second vector that was also not chosen by chance. Within Chernihiv there is a regional landscape park with a natural reserve, a protected tract, parks and monuments of horticultural art, which, according to local residents, need protection and development. Chernihiv residents also stated the need to create new green recreational areas, introduce alternative energy sources, develop electric transport, and build a waste management culture. 

For Chernihiv, we define approaches in urban planning around a resilient approach to culture and resilient ecology. This will affect all aspects of city life and develop the resilient city to live in.



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