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"Resilient city. Resilient in spirit."

Yakusha architectural studio team in partnership with Chernihiv City Council since April, 2022 develops the concept of development "Chernihiv is a resilient city. Resilient spirit. Resilient development", in the role of coordinators, connecting experts willing to develop the city of Chernihiv.

To reposition the city and explain in one word what Chernihiv is about, the word "RESILIENT" was chosen, which combines the past, present and future of Chernihiv:

Resilience is about a 1,300-year history.

Resilience is about sustainable development, without which no modern European city, built around a person who is a part of nature, is possible.

Resilience is about the indomitable spirit of Chernihiv residents who managed to resist enemies, protect their hometown and support others during the blockade. It is about the motivation to work on the development of the city now.

The project "Resilient in spirit" took place within the implementation of the program #ZMINA_2_0 "Subgrants for cultural projects" of the IZOLYATSIA fund with the financial support of the European Union.

Responsibility for its content rests solely with Yakusha, which in turn does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

Project partner: communal enterprise "Book House" of the Chernihiv City Council. A bookstore in love with its city."

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Project Name

The project "Resilient in spirit" - about people who inspire with their resilience, aims to support the spirit of the struggle for freedom and independence of Ukraine and show ordinary Chernihiv locals, who, at the same time, are so extremely non-ordinary, courageous and strong-willed. To thank them and inspire others by their example. And also to show both the citizens and the international community that Chernihiv did not just withstand the blockade, but lives, plans development, and  is developing as a city of the future, built around people, comfortable for living, raising children, improving health and doing business, with developed historical and ecological potential, with energy-efficient solutions, and modern energy-saving technologies.

On the posters (city lights) around the city, there appeared photos of doctors, emergency services workers, communal services, bakers, volunteers, businessmen, teachers, and active citizens who in one way or another were in the city during blockade in 2022 and helped its residents endure the extremely difficult days of the siege and battles.


Photographs for the posters were provided by a Chernihiv photographer Vlad Speshilov, made by him as part of the "My Heroes" project. Vlad and his team will soon publish a photo book with the stories of Chernihiv residents, about the charity collection for which was announced Recently.

Vlad Speshilov:"I want to leave in history the people of Chernihiv who fought so desperately for our native city and kept it. Military, rescuers, doctors, volunteers, communal services, people with history, let's show your brave faces to the world. In your faces  reflection of the Ukrainian resistance".

Project Name

Restoration work is long-term and difficult. World examples - the beginning of planning even during the war. Reconstruction is impossible without a plan. Restoration of individual areas - yes, it can be and it is already happening now. However, we at Yakusha Studio believe that it is necessary to give people a vision, a big dream, a bright future, and this will help the city not just to return to pre-war indicators, but to develop and become much stronger than before.


All solutions in the concept of "Chernihiv - a resilient city" are based on the principles of sustainable development, strengthen the historic-cultural heritage and environmental friendliness of the city. Thus, we help Chernihiv to have a vector of development for the next 15-20 years and to attract more funds from partners for the restoration and development of the city. Only by having a holistic vision of development and a goal can you build goals for long-term development.

Project Name

We consider all residents of Chernihiv to be heroes, resilient in spirit, who stayed in the city and helped to protect it, defend it, support life, provide the necessary people, even from afar. Anyone with a strong spirit could be on these posters. After all, these  Chernihiv residents  indifferent to others and their hometown.

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